a film by Philip Cartelli and Mariangela Ciccarello

HD video and Super 8
Color and Black & White
5.1 Sound
Italian, French and English
14 minutes

Synopsis :

Combining high definition and Super 8 footage, Lampedusa is composed of interwoven narratives based on a series of real events. In late 1831, a volcanic island suddenly erupted from the sea a few kilometers off the southern coast of Sicily. An international dispute ensued, during which a number of European powers laid claim to this newfound “land.” The island receded below sea level six months later, leaving only a rocky ledge under the sea…

Statement :

The film is inspired by Il n’est rien de plus réel que la terre ferme, a collection of texts I published in 2013, mixing fiction and historical sources, traced the story of the island of Ferdinandea from different points of view.
When Philip and I started working on the film, we wanted to maintain a tension between true and false, between subjectivity and objectivity, from the French publication. In part for this, we decided to combine the High-Definition color footage with Super 8mm black-and-white.
The shooting took place in various Mediterranean locations. Traveling, we confronted the Mediterranean of today, so far and so close to this nineteenth century narrative. As a result we had the idea of constructing a work poised between documentary and fiction, reality and dream, past and present. Lampedusa deals with the desire to own and the pleasure of discovering, as well as coming into contact with human fears and desires, ephemeral as a pile of ashes...

Screenings (selction) :

Festival del film Locarno.
Torino Film Festival.
Edinburgh International Film Festival.
Art of The Real, Lincoln Center, New York City.
Les Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin: La Gai?te? Lyrique, Parigi ; Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.
Kyiv International Short Film Festival, Kiev, (Ukraine).
Go short, International Short Film Festival, Nijmegen (Netherlands).
Subversive Festival, Zagreb, (Croatia). Best short Film.
Harvard Art Museum, (USA).
Cinema Med Festival, (Portugal).
Cinemaforum Festival (Poland), Tannic Time Studio, (China).
Big Ears Festival, (USA).
Cairo Video Festival, (Egypt).
Alternative Film/Video Festival, (Serbia).

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