My Little Napoli

Italian and English
15 minutes

Produced in UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art

Synopsis :

An unlikely encounter in New York City with a family of Southern Italian immigrants returns the filmmaker to her origins, to unresolved questions about her identity and to models of femininity she tried to escape.

Statement :

Shortly after my arrival in New York, I rented the top-floor apartment of a townhouse inhabited by an Italian-American family, themselves arrived during the 1970s from a small village near Naples, only a short distance from the place where I was born and raised.

Stumbling into my origins in the place I least expected to find them came as a surprise, a stage that was at first followed by rejection, then by my intuition that there must be a reason for this coincidence. I began this project in order to understand more about myself. Living with the D’Onofrios brought to the surface painful issues not only of my relationship with Southern Italy but also with my family. My encounter with this Italian-American family led me to a wider reflection on the role that my origins play in my identity as a woman in Italy and elsewhere.


Napoli Film Festival